How to Maintain Air Conditioner?

Air conditioner is a good appliance to get relief from scorching summer. It requires periodic maintenance like other items of the house. The homeowners can use the following points to maintain air conditioners properly.

Maintenance of air conditioner during summer 

  • Uncover air conditioner before switching on: Before you switch on air conditioner, make sure that condensing unit is not covered. For proper functioning the conditioner draws air from outside and then circulates the air inside the home. Some people intentionally cover their air conditioners to protect elements during winter season, but these units are designed to keep it outside and don’t need any protection.   
  • Remove any nearby obstruction: For smooth working of air conditioner, there should be no obstruction like newspaper and leaves around the exterior of air conditioner. If there is any obstruction like cover, furniture, bags of leaves and lawn clippings in the way of drawing air from outside, the process of air conditioner is disturbed as it is unable to draw enough outside air. Many homeowners forget to remove stacked lawn furniture and other items placed near air conditioners.
  • Ensure all panels are fixed properly: All access panels of air conditioner are secure in all respects, with the help of all screws fixed in proper position.
  • Set thermostat at proper temperature: The thermostat should be set in cooling mode. Just setting the dial below room temperature will not activate cooling if it is set in the heat mode.    
  • Change air filter regularly: For smooth working of air conditioner and obtaining maximum efficiency, change air filter regularly. When the filter becomes dirty, disposable fiberglass filter should be replaced by a new one. Electrostatic or electronic filters should be washed regularly. 
  • Keep air conditioners clean: Thoroughly cleaned air conditioning unit will provide maximum efficiency. Homeowner must avoid cleaning it by self with hose and water because it may create electrical shock and sorting of electrical components.    
  • Check air fuel mixture: Whenever it is essential, check air fuel mixture.


Maintenance of air conditioner before the beginning of summer

It is said that regular maintenance is less costly than repairs or even replacement later on. In the same way air conditioner of winter slumber needs just a few following steps for its maintenance.

  • Remove air conditioner from its frame: The air conditioner should be unplugged from wall socket. Remove outside cover and front access cover of air conditioner. And remove air conditioning unit from its mounting frame also.
  • Vacuum condenser coil with brush: After removing the unit outside, the condenser coil should be vacuumed with the help of soft brush. Pour showers from hose inside the coils to do cleaning. Care should be taken that motor does not to get damp during this process.   
  • Check condenser coil fins for straightness: Condenser coil cooling fins should be checked for their straightness. Use coil fin comb for straightening bent up fins. It should be ensured that the teeth of coil fin comb are equal to the fins per inch of the coil. Start the process carefully and draw the comb across bent coil fins for straightening coil fins.      
  • Replace damaged air filter: Check the foam of air filter and replace if it is damaged. If air filter is dirty, wash the filter with dish soap and water and then replace after it is dry. 
  • Reinstall the conditioner after cleaning: After cleaning, replace the conditioner back into its frame. Reinstall front cover and fix all access panels properly with screws.

Now, plug air conditioner in wall socket for use. 

Precautions for maintenance of air conditioner

  • Before start of summer season, check if there is any difficulty in smooth functioning of air conditioner. If it’s, get the conditioner repaired by a professional. The repair is costly and takes much time during summer because there are lots of electrical works with electrician in summer. 
  • Air conditioner requires the room of proper size for proper cooling. With cooling systems, over size cooling appliance like an air conditioner will reduce cooling efficiency and increase energy costs also.     

Common problems during use

There are some common problems faced by user, their causes and possible solutions as given below. 

  • Water drips from front panel of air conditioner when down slope of pan is towards inside home rather than towards outside. To avoid this problem correct the slope of air conditioning unit so that it drains into the exterior and slope of its pan slightly downward towards the exterior. 
  • Air conditioner cycles on and off too frequently due to defective thermostat or temperature sensor. To sort out this problem, Place thermostat sensor near evaporator coil and adjust wire carefully so that it does not touch the coil. Check thermostat sensor or part of front panel which is not obstructing with drapes. 
  • There should be no small refrigerant leak and if it continues, there will be less cooling. Air conditioner fins are not damaged or bent up, if so repair with a fine comb. Ensure that condenser is not obstructed with leaves. 
  • Air conditioner will not turn on if it is not plugged completely or circuit breaker is popped or the fuse is blown up. To avoid this problem you can
    • Provide well seated power plug connection
    • Reset breaker 
    • Replace blown fuse. 
  • The air conditioner blows fuses when there is inadequate circuit. To sort out this problem, do the following.
  • The circuit of air conditioner should be kept separate. It does not share the load of another device or appliance simultaneously. 
  • Install 20 Amp circuit for window air conditioner. 


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full pop ceiling with split Air conditioner AC on the wall
full pop ceiling with split Air conditioner AC on the wall
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full pop ceiling with split Air conditioner AC on the wall
full pop ceiling with split Air conditioner AC on the wall
Clean air from Nature
Clean air from Nature

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